Friday Sessions

2:00 PM

Session F01

“Researching Cemeteries In A Virtual World”

Wonderful online cemetery image databases make it easy for researchers today but there are accompanying challenges and responsibilities that we must address. Is the submission accurate? How does one identify other burials on the lot? Do other records exist? Why is this cemetery not being maintained? Do I have a responsibility as a descendant for tombstone conservation?

 Thomas S Neel


4:00 PM

Session F03

“Research Trip Around Ohio”

Ohio genealogists are often asked about the best facilities for re- searching when descendants return home to trace their ancestors. This presentation will highlight some of the most productive facilities when you only have so much time to spend.

 Peggy C Lauritzen

Session F02

“Deed You Hear About These Underutilized Records”

Deeds are just one of many underutilized record sets genealogists need to use. Warranty and quit-claim deeds hold vital information that will lead you to great discoveries in your family tree. We will also discuss estate packets, guardianship records, civil case files, and more.

 Amie B Tennant

Session F04

“To Use On-line Trees or Not: Organizing Your Data”

Confused by how to organize your family history and whether to use on-line trees? Learn what alternatives there are to address your personal goals.

 Elissa S Powell

Friday Night Brick Wall Breaking Dinner – 6 PM

Regular Dinner: House Smoked Breast of Turkey, a mesquite smoked breast of turkey served with shoestring onions topped with a demi-glace. Tossed garden salad, California blend vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes, and chef’s choice of dessert.

Vegetarian Dinner: Basil Citrus Grilled Vegetable Kabobs, fresh seasonal vegetables marinated in a citrus marinade and grilled to perfection. Tossed garden salad, California blend vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes, and chef’s choice of dessert.

Beverages: Iced tea, lemonade, coffee, and water

Saturday Sessions

8:00 AM

Session S01

“Quaker Migration Into America”

Quaker roots begin in England. Soon the “Society of Friends” found themselves at odds with much of the surrounding area, leading them to other Eu- ropean countries and America. With emphasis on the Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio Quakers, this presentation will aid you in looking for clues as to whether your ancestors were Friends.

Peggy C Lauritzen

10:00 AM

Session S03

“Until Death Do Us Part An Examination of Marriage and Divorce Records of the 1800’s”

The marriage date is basic to every ancestor’s entry on our pedigree chart. Do we realize that multiple documents might be involved? How many times did the average person enter into such a contract? Divorces were almost non-existent in the 1800’s, right? What happens if a child is born to an unmarried couple? We will look at some examples!

 Thomas S Neel

2:00 PM

Session S05

“Entering the Ohio Frontier”

After the singing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783, Britain ceded land that would become the Northwest Territory. Just five years later settlers would leave their homes in New England and begin their journey to the Territory Northwest of the Ohio River and establish their first city-Marietta.

 Peggy C Lauritzen

4:00 PM

Session S07

What’s A Prothonotary? PA Courthouse Records”

Confused about indexes and records in Pennsylvania courthouses? Learn to navigate probate, deeds, prothonotary, and other records both online and in person.

 Elissa S Powell

Session S02

“Rooting Out Your Native American History” Many families have a Native American tradition in their family story. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Learn the basics of tracing Native American ancestry, particularly the Southeastern American tribes and discuss the pros and cons of DNA testing for the purpose of proving your Native ancestry.

 Amie B Tennant

Session S04

“Hiding Behind Their Skirts: Finding Women’s Records”

Because of name changes and her historical status, finding your ancestress can be overcome by using various techniques and unusual records.

 Elissa S Powell

Session S06

“Using Coroners Inquest Files: Gunshot, Head Rolling Down the Tracks, or Just a Possible Heart Attack”

Foul play or no, the Coroner was often called to a death scene. You may discover a wealth of information beyond the death certificate, even if someone just died of a heart condition.

 Thomas S Neel

Session S08

“Genealogist Turns Private Eye: Tips For Finding Living Relatives”

When you think of genealogy or family history, you might be thinking “dead” people.” In reality, it’s the living people who help you overcome your biggest obstacles in putting together your family tree. Whether you are adopted and looking for your birth family or just trying to get through the next brick wall, finding living relatives is key.

Amie B Tennant

Saturday Luncheon – Noon
(included in registration):

Regular: Southern Chicken Wrap with chef’s choice of soup.

Vegetarian: Grilled Vegetable Wrap with chef’s choice of soup.

Beverage: choice of Iced tea, lemonade, coffee, or water.

Saturday Night Brick Wall Breaking Dinner – 6 PM

Regular Dinner: Smoked Pork Loin, slow cooked pork loin rubbed with chefs blend of spices and served with caramelized apples. Tossed salad, green beans, roasted red skinned potatoes, chef’s choice of dessert.

Vegetarian Dinner: Vegetable Wellington, fresh seasonal vegetables sauteed with garlic, olive oil and Chablis and baked in a puff pastry. Tossed salad, green beans, roasted red skinned potatoes, chef’s choice of dessert.

Beverages: Iced tea, lemonade, coffee, and water.