W02-Comparing (“Correlating”) Evidence and Resolving Conflicts THOMAS D JONES, PhD, CG

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Interactive Workshop with Exercises: Comparing (“Correlating”) Evidence and Resolving Conflicts

Introduction: The initial phases of solving a genealogical-research problem.
-Defining correlation and showing how it works with the GPS
-Establishing independence: A prerequisite to correlation
oCorrelation formats (narrative, list, timeline, table, map, combination) with examples of each to solve agenealogical problem
-Rationales for resolving conflicting evidence (nonsubstantiation, evidentiary qualities, explanation, andsome or all of the above), with examples of each
-Errors to avoid
oHandling unresolved conflicts
-Exercises to apply the methods
Comparing and contrasting genealogical evidence identifies points of agreement and disagreement, reveals evidence that information does not state, resolves conflicts, and leads to sound conclusions.

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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